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H. Nalbandian

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H. Nalbandian

Our History

The Early Years

Born in Ethiopia to a very musical Armenian family, Harout Nalbandian came to a musical career from his early years. Inspired by his father Nerses Nalbandian, who was a prominent musician in Ethiopia, he expressed interest in learning more about music and the process of tuning pianos. At age 11, he attempted to tune his first piano, with his father’s guidance. It took a few years to develop and improve his skills, but finally at age 16, he begun helping out his father, tuning the pianos of many clients and prominent musicians around Addis Ababa.

It was during this time that he formed his own band, “Sevan”. They performed around the city and gained popularity, playing all genres of music ranging from Italian and Armenian favorites to rock by Deep Purple, Santana, and other famous bands of the era. Encouraged by fellow musicians to pursue his passion and following his desire to develop his skills and musical development, Harout Nalbandian applied and was accepted at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. There he studied Jazz arrangement and composition.

Our History

Establishing H. Nalbandian Pianos

In 1977, he immigrated to Canada and settled in Montreal, Quebec. Before establishing his own business, he worked as a piano tuner for the Eaton Department store. They assigned him as the principal tuner for the Rising Sun Jazz Club, and the numerous contracts gave him the opportunity to meet world famous musicians such as Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Dizzie Gillespie, Yves Montant, Roger Whittaker, Zamfir, Claude Leveillé, Marjo, Martin St-Claire, Diane Dufresne and many others.

In 1982, he established H. Nalbandian Pianos and expanded his services to include piano repairs as well as tuning. Five years later, his own interests and growing demand from his clients lead him towards refinishing and restoration, and he opened his first workshop in Ville St-Laurent. After many years in the first location, he moved the business to Kirkland, Quebec, to establish the West Island’s one stop piano shop, selling, renting and servicing new and pre-owned pianos. 

Throughout the years, the business grew organically to include moving services as well. Always lead by his love for music and desire for perfection, he has been proudly serving the Greater Montreal area for over 35 years. 


Our Brands

We are proud dealers of Ritmüller pianos and Korg digital pianos & accessories. We also carry a range of brands in our pre-owned piano category. Make an appointment today to see and hear what we have in store.